[thelist] [SQL] INSERT INTO syntax

Tim Burgan email at timburgan.com
Tue Jan 25 06:59:22 CST 2005

Ken Schaefer wrote:

> Please post *exact* error messages. That makes it much easier to 
> research and
> issue and avoids a lot of well intentioned guessing about what be possible
> causes.

What wasn't exact about my error message? I just copied and pasted 
directly from the browser window.

> That said, if you are getting an 80040e14 (Syntax error in INSERT 
> INTO) then
> you should look here:
> www.adopenstatic.com/faq/80040e14.asp

Your site says to surround field names with [ ]. This is very handy to 
know.. and would've solved my problem. I thought I'd previously looked 
at this page, but I must have missed it.

> A list of reserved words can be found here:
> http://support.microsoft.com/?id=248738

Thank you for this link.


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