[thelist] Re:Selling alcohol (Richard Livsey)

Marianela Queme mqueme at gmail.com
Tue Jan 25 08:45:49 CST 2005

I Would have to say that if you plan to sell alcohol on the web, it
would have to be like selling any other item on the web.  I have
recently purchased  a pretty large amount of Mexican jewelry on the
net to make business in my country.  It seems that we actually have  a
duty free law on silver jewelry with Mexico.  The guy I bought it from
was kind enough to point that out to me.

So I guess you would actually have to be responsible to know what laws
apply to the countries you plan to sell to, and to ask the right
questions (age, etc.)
Marianela Queme
Are there any specific rules to selling alcohol on the web?

I assume laws are going to be different in different countries just to
make it even more interesting?
Initially the site will be UK based, but at some point probably aimed at
the US and other markets too.

Is there anything I need to watch out for, like making sure you only
sell to 18 year olds (IE by accepting credit cards only or something?).



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