SPAM-LOW: Re: Common Practice vs Standards (was: Re: [thelist] www prefix is itnecessary?)

Justin Kozuch @ pxLabs justin at
Tue Jan 25 10:16:54 CST 2005

What I find ironic is, the same standards they helped develop, they 
totally ignore them.

Another reason why I use Firefox, and another reason why everyone should 
ditch IE.


Justin Kozuch
Creative Director, pxLabs
"Helping clients improve their business through the use of Web standards"

dwain wrote:

> Ken Schaefer wrote:
>> Funny how Microsoft sucks because they have poor standards
>> support (IE), but they also suck when they follow (other) standards :-)
>> Cheers
>> Ken
> have you ever ran through the w3c html 
> validator?  i did -- very interesting result.
> dwain

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