[thelist] [SQL] INSERT INTO syntax

Tim Burgan timb at timburgan.com
Mon Jan 24 03:13:37 CST 2005


I've really clogged everyone email box the last for days with my mass of 
post for help. Sorry about that and thanks for all your help.

I'm getting this syntax error regarding my INSERT INTO SQL statement:

Warning: (null)(): Invoke() failed: Exception occurred. Source: 
Microsoft OLE DB Provider for ODBC Drivers Description: [Microsoft][ODBC 
Microsoft Access Driver] Syntax error in INSERT INTO statement. in 

*I really must be missing something really small. My SQL is:

   INSERT INTO tblCountdown (event, date)
   VALUES ('eventName', '2/05/2007');

If I exclude the date field, everything works fine. When I include it 
again.. errors. The database is Access.

The data-type format of the field within Access is short date (eg. 

Where is my syntax error?


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