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Also, the sale of alcohol in the US is illegal to people under the age
of 21, so "holder of credit card = 18+" doesn't apply anyway.  You'll
have to find a way to make sure they are 21.

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And lo; it came to pass that the great prophet, Richard Livsey spake. 
And the huddled masses rejoiced to hear:
> Are there any specific rules to selling alcohol on the web?
> Initially the site will be UK based

It is my understanding that to sell booze online from the UK you would 
still need a proper "License to sell intoxicating beverages for 
consumption off the premises" (an "off"-license) which can be obtained 
from your local authority. They will only grant one if they are 
satisfied you are responsible, will not sell to minors and will adhere 
to the licensing hours (given licensing rules have not been overhauled 
for a while I imagine this means you wont be able to perform the 
transaction after 11pm etc.)

Different authorities have different attitudes to it.

beware of the assumption that "holder of credit card = 18+" this is true

for *credit* cards issued in the UK, but beware of births *debit* cards 
Switch/Maestro, Visa Debit/Delta, which can be issued to 16 year olds, 
Solo and Electron which can be issued to kids as young as 11 (maybe 
younger) as well as payment cards from overseas where different credit 
rules apply


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