[thelist] Re: SPAM-LOW: Re: Common Practice vs Standards

dwain dwain at alforddesigngroup.com
Tue Jan 25 15:54:36 CST 2005

Alan McCoy wrote:

> Justin Kozuch @ pxLabs wrote:
>> What I find ironic is, the same standards they helped develop, they 
>> totally ignore them.
>> Another reason why I use Firefox, and another reason why everyone 
>> should ditch IE.
> Amen! And what's worse, MS doesn't plan on doing anything about IE's 
> faults anytime soon. We'll just have to live with it (in other words, 
> code around it!)
> -- 
> Alan McCoy
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i wonder what would happen if we didn't code for it at all.  are there 
more web standard coders than not?  would that not be the way to force 
microsoft's hand, maybe, and have them step into line.  is there a move 
to ask adobe and macromedia to make their wysiwyg programs write code 
that validates and are to w3c standards?  that would really force 
microsoft to adjust to the industry instead of the industry adjusting to 

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