[thelist] Using JavaScript for non-clickable email addresses

Christian Heilmann lists at onlinetools.org
Tue Jan 25 16:52:30 CST 2005

>Simplest way is to create an image (jpg) and show it that way.  That's
>much harder for the 'bots to read, but easy for the user to read.
>Unless the user is blind or uses a text browser.
>That's nit-picking...
>1. If the user is blind, then you can provide a login that would give
>the user the text-to-speech reference they need.  (this login would give
>almost all information in a graphics-free environment)
Forcing a blind user (how would you determine that?) to log in is not 
what I would call accessible, it is making it harder for those users - 
one step more to take.

>2. If the user uses a text browser, then they are not part of the modern
>world (some 99.9% of all browsers today are graphical browsers)
No, that is the worst possibility. However, as a "normal" visitor, I 
wouldn't want to see an  email as an image either, as I couldn't be  
bothered to type that one in, and if you link it, we are back to square 

It boils down to two options:

1) Shift it to the backend with a form (this also means the visitor does 
not need an email client at hand - for example in internet cafes) and  
offer to send a copy of the email to the visitor.
2) Make your problem also the  problem of the visitor by obfuscating  
the email in one way or another.

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