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marc said:

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> If you create that logo for someone, it holds precious little value to 
> you. It is however, entirely your choice how stingy you are with it but it 
> seems ridiculous to me to design a logo for someone, and tell them you own 
> the copyright. What are you going to do with it? Reuse it for some other 
> logo? Is your talent that limited in variety and scope?
> I can understand retaining copyright for a book, which can be sold to 
> different publishers, or a television show that can be syndicated, or a 
> photograph that can be sold as fine art, stock photography, commercial 
> photography, etc.
> But a logo?? Please.

> regards.
> -marc
At least here in Australia, and admittedly in another industry, if you have, 
say, a bridge or a building designed, it is absolutely common practice that 
copyright in that design is passed to the owner.  And don't think there is a 
premium put on the fee for that - architects' and engineers' have long been 
screwed down way below the "recommended scale of fees" (recommended by the 
designers' institutions, of course).


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