[thelist] Using JavaScript for non-clickable email addresses

Sarah Sweeney mr.sanders at designshift.com
Wed Jan 26 09:29:06 CST 2005

> I have used <noscript> but, as you know, if I put 
> <noscript>name at domain.com</noscript> SPAM bots will take that just as 
> easily as they will take just the plain address.  I am using a 
> not-so-useful backup — <noscript>name(at)domain(dot)com</noscript> — 
> which I am willing to bet, is not safe from all bots.  I was trying to 
> avoid graphics, but it looks like that is the safest way.

The safest way (i.e. to avoid getting harvested at all) is to use a 
contact form with a server-side script. But to make things as 
user-friendly as possible, I think the best option is to offer a choice 
of a contact form or a plain (un-obfuscated) mailto link. Then use some 
good spam filtering to keep the junk out of your inbox. For smaller 
companies it might not be worth the effort and the risk of being 
harvested, but for large companies it can make it easier for customers 
to reach them, which can equal money.

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