[thelist] Variable Passing / Anchor Passing

Sarah Sweeney mr.sanders at designshift.com
Wed Jan 26 10:07:27 CST 2005

> Ok so i got exactly ZERO answers to my question so here it goes again. 
> Please send at least an "I dont know" so at least i know my messages are 
> getting received by the list.

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> I have a link on my website that looks something like this:
> href="page.php?var=val#anchor"
> Now on FIREFOX (and even SAFARI on mac) this is what happens: the 
> variable 'var' is received by 'page.php' perfectly fine, and also when 
> 'page.php' loads up, it goes down to the section of the page with the 
> anchor name '#anchor'. This is how i want it to work.
> On Microsoft Internet Explorer, however, it does NOT work properly. The 
> variable is passed correctly but the anchor info is not. When 'page.php' 
> loads up, it just stays there at the top of the page. Quite annoying.

I just tried this out in a site of my own and it worked fine in both 
Firefox and IE. I've noticed that sometimes browsers will not jump to 
the anchor location until that part of the page (or maybe it's the whole 
page) has loaded - are you sure you're giving the page enough time to load?

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