[thelist] Standards Compliant Webmail Application

Chris Johnston fuzzylizard at gmail.com
Wed Jan 26 11:31:35 CST 2005

On Wed, 26 Jan 2005 16:59:48 +0000, Justin Stach
<j.m.stach at canterbury.ac.uk> wrote:
> Hello all,
> Does anyone know any decent webmail applications which will produce
> non-stinking webpages? Someone just dumped a link to SquirrelMail onto
> my desk and suggested that we look at using this for our users (appx.
> 20,000) and would I 'make it look pretty'. I barked something in
> low-Saxon as soon as I saw the frameset...

What's wrong with the frameset? Last time I checked framesets were
qualified as valid html. Also, I just checked SquirrelMail using the
html validator on the web developer toolbar in firefox and it is valid
html. So what's the problem? Or is this just a personal dislike of
frames? Personally, I think they work well for an application like

chris johnston


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