[thelist] [OT?] Firefox and Google PR?

Peter Bornhall bornhall at ansbjer.se
Thu Jan 27 04:17:51 CST 2005

Actually, I was unable to find it in the extension list myself just now. 
  However, in the search box, enter "google", select "extensions" and 
hit "Go".  The first result should be the link to the extension you want.

Otherwise, point your fox to http://www.tapouillo.com/firefox_extension/

Hope this helps better...:-)

- Peter

Chris Price wrote:
> On 27/1/05 6:24 am, "Peter Bornhall" <bornhall at ansbjer.se> wrote:
>>Check the extensions for Firefox, there is a PageRank extension that
>>seems to work fine...
>>- Peter
> I can't find that extension.
> What does it come under

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