[thelist] [RE] Variable Passing / Anchor Passing

bernardo escalona escalonab at hotmail.com
Thu Jan 27 10:46:03 CST 2005

>Have you reproduced the problem on other computers or just yours?
Yes, the problem has been reported on various computers.

>What version of IE are you running?
Different people that tried it out had different versions.  For my own IE 
version i'd have to get back to you, my winbugs computer is at home.

>Can we see the page in question?
Yes go to http://www.bernsonline.com/  and go into the photo section, then 
select any of the categories (except for the bottom one, that one is older 
and works differently). Then browse through the photos and notice how the 
variable and anchor are being passed from one page to the next.

>did you wait for the page to load?
Yes, in IE, usually a page loads up completely and then it jumps down to the 
anchor (pretty annoying actually.. ).  But for my specific page, even if you 
wait long enough for the page to load (when status bar says 'done') it still 
just stays at the top of the page.

On firefox, the page loads up where its supposed to, and doesnt jump down 
after loading. One more reason why FF wins. Why are people using IE still?

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