[thelist] IE discards cookies if no-cache?

Simon Perry thelist at si-designs.co.uk
Thu Jan 27 11:58:15 CST 2005

Dougal Campbell wrote:

> Dougal Campbell wrote:
>> For some reason, IE is treating a persistent cookie as if it were 
>> instead a session cookie. [....]
> I hate following up my own posting, but I've got more information from 
> my testing: I was able to track down the source of our no-cache 
> headers and turn them off. IE *still* won't save the cookie, despite 
> this, plus the fact that it *is* supposed to be a persistent cookie.
> Is there something about IE that keeps it from saving persistent 
> cookies set from an https page?
I think no-cache is not the cause of your woes. More likely to be the 
privacy settings on your browser and or a lack of a short machine 
readable privacy policy. I have found view -> privacy report to be very 
enlightening in IE. It can be accessed from the top text menu. Third 
party security apps and spyware blockers can also cause problems. Have 
you access to other machines to test the behavior on?

If that fails then a code snippet or at least sudo code and your chosen 
programming language would be useful to help others help you.


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