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Chris.Marsh at Callserve.com Chris.Marsh at Callserve.com
Thu Jan 27 13:53:23 CST 2005


More info:

> > been loading. The following snippet illustrates what I'm doing:
> > 
> > Set xmldoc = Server.CreateObject("Msxml2.DOMDocument")
> > 
> > xmldoc.resolveExternals = False
> > xmldoc.validateOnParse = False
> > xmldoc.Async = False
> > xmldoc.setProperty "ServerHTTPRequest", True
> > 
> > bXMLLoaded = xmldoc.load(Request)
> > 
> Ok, that looks a tad suspect to me. Does it *ever* work? I 
> would think 

Not only does this work, but the same syntax is used in other files and
works fine there. The MSDN link you posted documents no other means to use
the Load method than with an URL as far as I can see. Also, I've now become
sidetracked from the initial task which is to recoord the (presumably)
malformed XML that forms the body of the HTTP request. I was wondering about
something along the following lines, but I think I'm going to go home now
and try it tomorrow morning. In the meanwhile, any comments are welcome :)

Set oFSO = Server.CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")

Set oFile = oFSO.CreateTextFile(Server.MapPath("temp.txt"), True)

binRequest = Request.BinaryRead(Request.TotalBytes)

For i = 0 To LenB(binRequest)

	oFile.Write(MidB(binRequest, i, 1))



Set oFile = Nothing
Set oFSO = Nothing



Chris Marsh

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