[thelist] RE: common key to good sites [SUMMARY]

Steven Streight vaspersthegrate at yahoo.com
Fri Jan 28 10:49:23 CST 2005

Here's a summary of responses, from two discussion
lists, to my query:

"What is the one, commonly shared, key ingredient that
makes a web or
blog site successful?"


* extends and reflects the organization

* meets the needs of the audience AND the goals of the
site owner

* there is NO one key ingredient: 1. Content 2.
Efficiency 3. Know
Target Audience 4. Graphic Design 5.

* user doesn't have to think when he/she arrives at
site [i.e.,
intuitive interaction/navigation]

* 1. Content 2. Usability/Accessibility 3. Stickiness
(reasons to
return to site) 4. Style: Visual and Editorial 5.
Ubiquity (search
engine ranking & word of mouth, solid prevelance in a

* Relevant Content

* Relevant Unique Content

* Relevant Unique Idiosyncratic Content (from a point
of view that
finally makes sense to someone who didn't understand
any previously
encountered presentations of the same content)

* Gets job done. Makes or saves site owner money.
Blog: amuses or
educates users, who then Bookmark it [stickiness]

* Meets user needs, thus simultaneously meets owner
goals, but if user
needs are not met, site owner goals are a moot point,
out the window

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