[thelist] Apache server not working for outside connections

Flavia Tarzwell (FayeC) ftarzwell at fayec.com
Sat Jan 29 10:58:43 CST 2005

Hi Kristian....you are talking Greek to me.....I am going to check those 
files and see what they have ..I do know that my httpd.conf has 
listening set to so it should be open to all right?
But I didn't check the apache.conf....
What should I put there?
My friend actually told me that when he inputs my IP/Mambo to check the 
site it reverts to and the last time he tried he was 
able to load the page but it was stripped to the bone...no images or 
css....it was almost like as if the linkage to the image and css files 
were wrong but since I have been using Mambo using a pre-set template (I 
didn't create the links) I can only think that the problem is with the 
Any tips?


Kristian Rink wrote:

>Hi Flavia;
>Is your apache set up the right way to accept connections from any other
>than your "private" network? How does your apache.conf / httpd.conf file
>look like? Any "Allow from..." / "Deny from..." statements that probably
>prevent connection fron the outside world? I've seen apache
>configurations defaulting to only allow access from localhost

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