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Rosalie Sennett rsennett at brainlink.com
Sat Jan 29 15:07:10 CST 2005

I've found that the least offensive newsletters are those that have short
headlines and blurbs and hyperlinks to more extensive explanations and
images or whatever...  when I'm interested in something (usually before I
have to scroll) I click.

This way, the mail is easy to read, looks the same to everyone and brings
the recipient to your site, which is really where you want them to be

I know a few site owners who have newsletters on the site, in a kind of
e-zine style. The email they send out informs people of the highlights and
has a link to the full newsletter.  

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> Hello,
>     We run a virtual computer shop. I have over 60 users in the database
> and I figured out I should send a newsletter.  Problem is that e-mail
> clients don't display images, unless you tell them too.
>     You can see the newsletter here: http://play.cpea.ro/nl/
>     My boss uses SquirrelMail to read mails. She doesn't know how to use
> Outlook, Thunderbird or any other e-mail clients. We showed her 10 times
> how to use them, in vain.
>     Anyway, if you look at the newsletter you'll see that i use a "+"
> for list-style-image, the green one. For each of them Squirrel puts smth
> like "Image has been removed". My problem is: can I trick web based
> mails to show images, at least background images? Can I make a list to
> look like that without using images? I doubt that is possible, but
> asking never hurts.
> Kindest regards,
>               Razvan Pop
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