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Adam Pearson addon at bigpond.net.au
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Tara summarised her understanding of copyright issues for many of us:

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On 30-Jan-05, at 3:41 AM, Burhan Khalid wrote:
> Please, please, post this URL when you get it live.  I need to  bookmark 
> this to compare with local regulations, and thanks for your  very 
> informative post.  If there was ever a "best post" award, you'd  get my 
> vote ... and thanks again.

>I'm sorry, I just can't let this go any longer. Especially since people 
>seem to be taking it as fact.

>Some of the things that Viveka wrote are just not true. And in some  cases 
>she's got it dangerously wrong! Copyright laws are not simple.  They aren't 
>impossible to understand, but they aren't simple either.


For those of us in Australia, the Australian Copyright Council provides a 
very helpful web site:

http://www.copyright.org.au/ and, for example, an Information Sheet for 
graphic designers:


The information sheet is 7 simple pages and is very clear - none of this is 
rocket science.  If in Oz, get hold of the sheet (you probably already have 
a copy?) and read it.


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