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I should think your gonna want the DNS hosting and access info, incase it becomes necessary to move the code et al.


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Having been in such a position before, I would think that you can ask 
for anything that will enable you to get the job done. Of course, that 
is within reason.

Just my two cents,


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Alex Beston wrote:

> Hi All,
> Just had a query from a potential client who has been let down by his 
> contracting company.
> Its a database driven site, with php sessions involved.
> Ive been asked to list a series of requirements to be given to a 
> solicitor forcing the contractor to hand over information.
> -----
> Heres my list:
> A list of all users & their passwords allowing access to the hosting 
> server.
> (can we ask of the hosting if this list tallys with their registered 
> users?)
> A list of all users & their passwords allowing access to the database.
> A list of any connecting databases ie on a JOIN.
> A copy of all source code ( cant we just access ourselves, not not 
> necessary? maybe is if they decide to delete their work on handing 
> over the passwords? )
> A database dump of all tables & all other databases
> Passwords to any mail accounts plus all aliases
> ???
> ----
> Presumably, once this information is released there is no real 
> security any more? So, the first job would be to remove users and 
> create anew.
> Any thoughts helpful
> rgds
> Alex


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