[thelist] setting up a PHP based mailing list

Theodore Serbinski stanson at gmail.com
Mon Jan 31 09:36:54 CST 2005

> If you give us a better idea of the nature of this mailing list, it
> would help. Size? Is it unidirectional (i.e., your client sends out
> and that's it)? Etc.

Ah, guess out I forgot some important specifics, didn't realize
mailing lists were this complicated!

Anyways, I need a mailing list for approximately a dozen users, no
more, no less. Each person needs to be able to send an email to the
list by using his/her choice email program (exactly like this list).
Also, there should be a web based archive of emails sent on this list.
The volume will be fairly low and this list only needs to be around
for a few months, at which time it will be be taken down (but archives
should still remain). Essentially this is just a temporarily solution
(not my call unfortanetly) and my efforts for a bulletin board for
similar functionality were turned down.

Now with that clarification, along with the fact that we are running
Apache, PHP, Perl, MySQL on Windows 2003, does that help?

Is there a way to do something very similar with Exchange 2003 server?
Maybe that would be easier.

Thanks all!


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