[thelist] What is least expensive Mac to use as Web client QA box

Steve Bissonnette steve at plankdesign.com
Mon Jan 31 09:39:19 CST 2005

Hi Mark,

Possibly any older iMac (they will all run OS X 10.3) albeit slowly ...
They all have built in Ethernet and will run all the apps you mentioned.

You would only want to use this for testing . Not working on day to day
unless you upgrade the RAM in it ...

(we have a 233 mhz original blue and white iMac setup with 10.3 as a testing
apache server and it works very well)


On 1/31/05 10:18 AM, "Mark Marlow" <mark at testwiz.com> wrote:

> What is the least expensive Mac and OS configuration I can use as a QA
> machine for client side testing of Web applications.  The general
> requirements are:
> Needs to run latest versions of IE/NS/Safari/FireFox.
> Needs to connect to internet via an ethernet network.
> I am hoping to pluck something off of Ebay, but I don't know what to look
> for.  
> Much thanks!
> Mark

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