[thelist] RE: [OT] blaster worm punishment

Jay Blanchard jay.blanchard at niicommunications.com
Mon Jan 31 10:50:30 CST 2005

And why blame the carpenter if your house is not an
impregnable fortress?

That would depend on your specs for said house. 

And as long as we continue off topic, tips are owed.....

<tip type="SQL">
How many of you practice good indexing? Many of us forget at creation
time to set the fields that should be indexed because we typically go
ahead and create what we think we need and then kludge onto that.
Indexing should be balanced though, because for each index added to
improve SELECT times we often reduce performance for INSERTs, UPDATEs
and DELETEs. There are several tools available to help you do database
design so that you can see potential indexes. One favorite is
DBDesigner4 from fab force, http://www.fabforce.net/index.php

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