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M. Seyon evoltlist at delime.com
Mon Jan 31 13:37:23 CST 2005

Message from Viveka Weiley (1/31/2005 12:06 PM)

>Here's a relevant excerpt from Professor Lawrence Lessig's book "Free Culture"
>(Main page at http://www.free-culture.cc/ -  the book is Freely
>available under a Creative Commons license, so there are remixes in
>every format imaginable)
>"Courts were asked whether the photographer, amateur or professional,
>required permission before he could capture and print whatever image
>he wanted. Their answer was no."

You can take the photo. You can print the photo. You can put the photo in 
the newspapers.  You cannot use the photo for advertising purposes.

I can't take a photo of you drinking a Fosters beer, in private or public, 
and sell it to Fosters to be used in their promotional material without 
your consent.


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