[thelist] .asp pages not previewing on remote server

Ken Schaefer Ken at adOpenStatic.com
Mon Jan 31 16:27:47 CST 2005

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: Bruce Gilbert wrote:
: > Hello,
: >
: > I have been trying to preview my .asp pages on my remote server via
: > dreamweaver and I get a 404 'page cannot be found error' when doing
: > this. I can preview .asp files fine on my local machine running IIS
: > and when I rename files with a .htm they preview fine from the remote
: > server. So that narrows it down to being an issue with the remote
: > server and .asp extensions.
: >  I checked to make sure the files are indeed residing on the remote
: > server and they are there. Is this indeed a server setting issue or
: > might there be something else going on? I am not very accustomed to
: > .asp development.
: is it a 2k3 server?  if so, asp is off by defualt, and asp.net is on
: instead.

Just to be clear, neither ASP nor ASP.NET is enabled by default on an IIS6
box unless you're upgrading it from an IIS5 box (in which case both will be
enabled by default, but the entire WWW Publishing Service will be stopped)


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