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: I disagree here. If anything he was punished too harshly. (And no, I
: don't think he deserves a commendation.) Microsoft is the one getting
: away with it here, as their shoddy operating system design allowed this
: to happen to begin with. You don't hear about worms attacking other
: operating systems, do you?

To Shawn:
What exactly is "shoddy" about the design of the OS itself?

To Richard:
You wrote "It's a fact that Windows never has been developed with any kind of
security in mind." I'm curious to know where you've found this fact, when the
overwhelming evidence is (as far as NT is concerned) that security is and was
definitely a major concern.

To Mac:
You wrote: "I blame Microsoft for most of this stuff - if they didn't release
intrinsically insecure operating systems..."
What's so intrinsically insecure about the NT operating system?


Please do not say "making everyone an administrator" makes the OS
intrinsically insecure. It doesn't. There's no structural issue there in the
OS components that make it vulnerable to compromise.

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