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I think that if you want to continue this thread, it should be taken
to thechat -- or possibly a cage match. You can sign up for thechat


You guys still all owe tips.

Oh, and to current thechat members: sorry.

<tip type="comment spam">
Google supports adding rel="nofollow" to anchors, and others (Yahoo!,
MSN, etc.) said they were going to support it at some point as well.
It might be something to consider if you have a blog and dislike
comment spam.

Of course, there is something wrong with telling a search engine
spider not to spider links in comments on your blog, as it will
obviously mean that legitimate links are not followed either.

Still, it might be something you consider doing.

On Tue, 1 Feb 2005 18:04:25 +1100, Ken Schaefer <Ken at adopenstatic.com> wrote:
> To Shawn:
> What exactly is "shoddy" about the design of the OS itself?
> To Richard:
> You wrote "It's a fact that Windows never has been developed with any kind of
> security in mind." I'm curious to know where you've found this fact, when the
> overwhelming evidence is (as far as NT is concerned) that security is and was
> definitely a major concern.
> To Mac:
> You wrote: "I blame Microsoft for most of this stuff - if they didn't release
> intrinsically insecure operating systems..."
> What's so intrinsically insecure about the NT operating system?

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