[thelist] RE: [OT] blaster worm punishment

Juha Suni juha.suni at ilmiantajat.fi
Tue Feb 1 07:59:27 CST 2005

Steven Streight wrote:
> For those who don't like any mention of "terrorists",
> thinking it merely a Republican buzzword: The juiciest
> target for terrorists is the internet and networked
> systems of anybody who doesn't agree with them.

Quoting Bruce Schneier (www.schneier.com), Founder and CTO of Counterpane
Internet Security Inc, author of the popular Crypto-Gram Newsletter:

"We know what terrorism is. It's someone blowing himself up in a crowded
restaurant, or flying an airplane into a skyscraper. It's not infecting
computers with viruses, forcing air traffic controllers to route planes
manually, or shutting down a pager network for a day. That causes annoyance
and irritation, not terror.
This is a difficult message for some, because these days anyone who causes
widespread damage is being given the label "terrorist.""

This is a bit out of context, so I suggest you read his full article at

<tip type="PHP, flushing buffer, progress bar" author ="Juha Suni">
To show a graphical progress bar showing the progress while a time-consuming
script (mass-emailer of a newsletter, for example) is running, you can use
the flush()-function to push more data to the browser while the script is
running. This data being <img> elements for small pieces of the progress
bar, you can rather easily have a universal solution for all heavy scripts:

(Please note: on some occasions, the webserver, proxy or the client browser
can buffer data no matter what you do, so this will not work 100% for
everyone at every situation)

ob_end_flush(); // This should be called at start

// Load all data and process it ready for looping

// Do some preliminary calculations, such as:
$totalloops = 38;
$percent_per_loop = 100 / $totalloops;
$prev_percent = 0;

// print html/css for the part above the progress bar
// as well as possible background of the actual progress bar
// in such a way that the images for the progress bar (coming next)
// align themselves nicely
// (This example fits 100 images next to each other, each representing
// 1 percent of progress.

// Start looping:
for($i=1;$i<=$totalloops;$i++) {

    // do stuff
    // echo progress if at least an advance of 1 percent occured since last
    $percent_now = round($i * $percent_per_loop);
    if($percent_now != $percent_last) {
        $difference = $percent_now - $percent_last;
        for($j=1;$j<=$difference;$j++) {
            echo '<img src="progressbar_singledot.gif" width="5"
       $percent_last = $percent_now;
       flush(); // Push the new data to the browser;


// In the end print necessary code to the end of the html.

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