[thelist] VOIP / Project Question (UPDATE)

Jeff Wilhelm thelist at summit7solutions.com
Tue Feb 1 11:28:17 CST 2005

Just wanted to let you all know that this project is complete, and ready to
deploy to Kosovo!

A few pictures here:

Thanks again for the help!


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> Thank you all again for your help. I think I've got it
> now! 
> I've spent a lot of time researching the various pieces
> of this project, hoping to find some way to accomplish
> all of the goals. I've looked into 30 different VoIP
> packages, hundreds of telephones, and at least 100
> different software packges. I've had about 12 different
> ideas, many of which meet all but one of the
> requirements. A few hours ago I decided that it was
> impossible to do this cheaply using off the shelf
> software (auto-dial from imported CSV), and VoIP. So I
> wrote my own software.         
> I don't think attachments are allowed, but basically it
> was done in Access using VBA. It shows the fields on the
> left, and a large Phone icon on the right. Hitting the
> large Phone icon will cause the phone to automatically
> dial whatever number is displayed out the modem. There
> will be a regular old $10 analog phone next to each
> laptop, which can be used just as a normal phone would
> be, except that the program does all the dialing. The
> arrows at the bottom allow the caller to increment
> forward and backward through the records. The program can
> also import any CSV file to be used as a source for this
> information.           
> The only thing we don't know is the speed of the
> broadband that is available in Kosovo. We need to
> estimate that each phone will require about 100kb/s of
> upstream and downstream traffic. If there are four phones
> being used, there should be at least 400kb/s upstream and
> downstream. Two connections may be required if the
> broadband is too slow.      
> The basic network infastructure will be like this:
> > ISP | -> | Cable Modem | -> | Router with 4-Port Switch
> > | 
> And then for each phone / laptop combination we'd set it
> up like this: 
>  -> | Vonage ATA WAN Port   |
>     | Vonage ATA LAN Port   | -> Laptop LAN Port
>     | Vonage ATA PHONE Port | -> Phone Jack Splitter ->
> 						                 Laptop
Modem Jack -> Any
> Analog Phone
> This will enable the laptop and phone to be on the same
> phone line, which is why the laptop can do the
> auto-dialing, and the phone can be used as a normal
> phone. All calls will be completed using VoIP through
> Vonage. They have assured me this will work, even
> overseas.     
> Thanks again!
> Jeff

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