[thelist] RE: contact Evolt admins AND blaster worm punishment [SUMMARY]

Steven Streight vaspersthegrate at yahoo.com
Tue Feb 1 11:54:59 CST 2005


Jason Handby: yes, I agree that Evolt is best when
directly discussing practical aspects of web dev and
web design. I will stick to that, so as not to waste
anyone's time with side issues. Very clear to me now.

Dean Mah: thank you very mucho grande for the contact
info to Evolt Admins. What a relief to have this
answer. IOU one.

<tip type="usability"author=Steven Streight>Web sites
with lots of ads are prime candidates for implementing
a "Print Version" functionality. This enables users to
print out the information they need as hard copy,
without all the irrelevant commercial material
clutter. Good way to cause "stickiness" of site:
motivates users to return to site due to its info AND
its user-friendliness.</tip>

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