[thelist] Form, Style and Internet Exploder

Simon Perry thelist at si-designs.co.uk
Tue Feb 1 13:49:38 CST 2005

Sarah Sweeney wrote:

>> <snip>
>> Additionally the style of the textbox is modified to be a block level 
>> element to
>> allow centering the element. And to keep it from fusing with its 
>> label I added
>> the clear: both. (Clear: left would do the job as well...)
>> * The problem is that it will slide under the end of the left 
>> navigation this way.
>> This raises a general question: if for some reason you need to apply 
>> 'clear'
>> anywhere in the content, can it be prevented that the whole page 
>> slides down to
>> under a navigation block?
>> <snip>
> I was, coincidentally, going to send a very similar question when I 
> saw this one come through. I was very surprised that no replies came, 
> even just someone saying simply "can't be done". I'm guessing that 
> having elements floated within the second column of a two-column 
> layout could be pretty common, if it's possible. Does anyone know of a 
> way to have a clearing element within the second column without the 
> rest of the content in the second column falling below the first column?
> I can set up a demo of what I mean, if necessary.

This sounds like issues with the IE box model and width rather than a 
problem with floats and clear: elements. A demo page with a minimal test 
case, concisely explained, with separate links to the CSS will prompt a 
good response.

That is where the OP lost out.

The text rambles and is hard to follow.
The example link given has lots of layouts, which one are they on about?
The link provided is not the one used in the screen shot provided?
We get no clear idea of what the page should look like, does it render 
correctly in any browser? If not then a mock up graphic mock up would be 

Often the process of stripping a problem down to its minimal 
constituents and explaining what you want to achieve in a clear concise 
manner unlocks the answer anyway.


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