[thelist] Html question on coldfusion

Cheryl Ash cheryla at labx.com
Tue Feb 1 14:25:46 CST 2005

I know a little CF, Hope this helps.

<CFOUTPUT QUERY="concelhos_report"> 
       <td height="19" >
		<cfif Descricao EQ "Something">
			<a href="#URL#">#Descricao#</a>
        <td height="19" >#Concelho#</td>

Cheryl Ash

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Hello to everyone rom Portugal
<CFOUTPUT QUERY="concelhos_report"> 
                  <td height="19" ><a href="#URL#">#Descricao#</a></td>
                  <td height="19" >#Concelho#</td>
This is my script. What I need is that when the return in #Descrição# is "something" it wouldn´t be transformed into a link
Can anybody help me?
Thank you in advanced
Rui Madeira  

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