[thelist] OT: Thinking about a swap eMac for MacMini....

D Ross dross202 at comcast.net
Tue Feb 1 19:39:01 CST 2005

I was reading that thread the other day about the macmini and I started 
thinking...Maybe I could sell my emac and buy a mini. Just wanted to get 
some advice first.

I'm a recent semi-unemployed college grad with little money. I would 
have to sell my emac first to get a mini. Pretty sad I know but anyways...

I'm thinking I could sell it on ebay or put an ad for it in the 
newspaper or something. It's an older emac (about 2 years old), 750mhz / 
40gb HD / 640 mb Ram  / osx10.2.8 and classic (still runs great and I do 
preventive maintenance to it regularly)....Has a slight screen blur 
though. Just the emac I'd say I could sell it for maybe $400-$500. But, 
I have tons of software on here that could up the price a few hundered. 
Photoshop CS, Indesign CS, Illustrator 10, Dreamweaver mx04, flash 
mx04pro, freehand mx, fireworks mx04, old Quark.

I'd also like to keep the mouse and keyboard or I guess I could buy new 

So, not only would I be getting a faster computer it also has 10.3 on it 
which if I bought myself would be 129$ or so.

How much should I sell this emac for? I'm not trying to rip anyone off 
but people do have money and with all this software I should be able to 
get a decent amount for it. At least enough to get a mini and a decent 

Thanks for any info,

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