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Wayne wayne at freelance-developer.co.uk
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I thought that JSP code was parsed into servlets which look similar to the first example anyway?

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RUST Randal wrote:

> Just for my own edification, how should it be done then?

Separation of data, presentation and logic (the MVC pattern) would
say just put that in *as HTML*. Your example had *no* variable data
within it at all, which makes it even worse :-)

Why have, for instance, this:

   StringBuffer buf = new StringBuffer();

   buf.append("<th>Check Number</th>");
   buf.append("<th>Payment Date</th>");
   buf.append("<th>Check Amount</th>");
   buf.append("<th>Payment Type</th>");
   buf.append("<th>In Letter</th>");
   buf.append("<th>Check Details</th>");

to simply create
<table><thead><tr><th>Check Number</th> .... when you can do it
directly? (and use the validation, syntax highlighting, etc. of
your preferred tool set, as well)

The whole *point* of JSP is to remove the need for things like that
first example...

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