[thelist] Code Protection

Chris Heilmann lists at onlinetools.org
Wed Feb 2 05:50:57 CST 2005

> Code Gurus,
> Is there any software that will sort of protect HTML, JavaScript and CSS
> source code? I know nothing can be totally protected but I came across
> these two and wonder if anybody has any comments
> http://www.weblockpro.com or
> http://www.newbiehangout.com/protect-html-faq.htm

Why would you want to use that? There is virtually no way to protect
anything that is displayed in a browser, as it will be cached on the
client machine, you can use the DOM inspector, or "generated source"
bookmarklets and and and...

It is one of the really nice things about the web that it is a "perceive
and take part" media.

If there are any copyright issues, say so on the page and let the lawyers
deal with it. A technical issue it isn't.

Obfuscating HTML, Javascript and CSS is like crumbling all documents you
write and print out to stop people from photocopying them.

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