[thelist] Code Protection

Ken Schaefer Ken at adOpenStatic.com
Wed Feb 2 06:03:55 CST 2005

I call "rubbish"

As you know, browsers only understand HTML (and CSS, javascript etc). So, in
order to render the page, the browser needs to be able to see valid HTML (or
CSS or javascript). If the browser can see that, then so can the user.

Now, let's look at:
They claim that: "HTML-Protector works by taking your existing Web pages and
hiding your data using a high-security encryption algorithm"
Well, I sincerely doubt they use an encryption at all. But let's suppose they
do. Since the browser needs to be able to see decrypted HTML, then there must
be a decryption key supplied to the browser to decrypt this supposedly
encrypted source. Given that this decryption key is sent to the user's
computer, I don't see how you can keep the supposedly encrypted source away
from anyone who wants to decrypt it.

The same sort of problems afflict the first product. They use some javascript
tricks to do some of the work (like preventing right-clicks). Easily stopped
by disabling javascript in your browser. The "encryption" claim is just as
bogus as the other site.


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: Code Gurus,
: Is there any software that will sort of protect HTML, JavaScript and CSS
: source code? I know nothing can be totally protected but I came across
: these two and wonder if anybody has any comments
: http://www.weblockpro.com or
: http://www.newbiehangout.com/protect-html-faq.htm

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