[thelist] Html question on coldfusion v2

Chris Hayes chris at lwcdial.net
Wed Feb 2 11:50:51 CST 2005

And you always need to close <CFIF> tags thus:

<cfelseif expression>
<cfelseif expression>

That should do it.

Also I'd highly recommend avoiding using field / variable names  like URL.
It won't (I can't remember if it does in CF2) make a difference here but it
could make a big difference in the future.  Remember ColdFusion uses URL as
a scope for URL parameters.

<tip type="variable naming conventions" author="Chris Hayes">
To avoid accidentally stumbling across a reserved word, try prefixing
your field or variable names with some thing unique to you or the project.

eg instead of
    URL = "http://...
    ruiURL= "http://...

Naturally research any existing naming conventions for the language you're

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> > I tried this way but it return an error after the tag <cfelse>... Can
you help me in any other way? Thank you in advanced
> >
> > <cfoutput query="concelhos_report">
> >           <tr>
> >             <td height="19" ><cfif Descricao EQ "Não possui endereço
WEB"><font face="Arial" size="2" color="#000000">#Descricao#
> >    <cfelse><a href="#URL#" target="new">#Descricao#</a></font></td>
> >             <td height="19" ><font face="Arial" size="2"
> >    <td height="19" ><cfif Descricao EQ "Não possui endereço WEB"><font
face="Arial" size="2" color="#000000">#Web#
> >    <cfelse><a href="#Web#" target="new">#Web#</a></font></td>
> >           </tr>
> >         </cfoutput>
> When you include this inside <cfoutput> tags, you'll need to change this:
>    color="#000000"
> to this:
>    color="##000000"
> Otherwise CF thinks you're trying to output a variable or other dynamic
> tidbit.
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