[thelist] displaying 'disabled' options

Rob Smith rob.smith at THERMON.com
Wed Feb 2 16:25:51 CST 2005

>What advantages/benefits do the users gain by seeing options 
>they can't select? 

Of what is going to be. I have a site that when managers fill in the blanks
the menu options become available. I'd rather clue the users who're going to
use the menu that there ARE in fact a lot of options, but they're coming
soon. Otherwise, I maaaay have a menu drop down of 0 to a few items to
start. They'll think this site is rather dull because the core content isn't
there. They won't come back to visit.

>What situations might there be where viewing the disabled 
>options is a good/bad thing?

I can give you an example. My father was shopping for circular scroll saw
blades at a local hardware store. The hook for this particular model was
there but no products where on it. It did however have a little device
saying, "We're Ordering More of this Item" or "Please inform one of our
associates about this items availability." 

Or in my above case, "Inspire your managers to post."


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