[thelist] Site check: Is the png javascript IE fix working?

D Ross dross202 at comcast.net
Thu Feb 3 03:07:32 CST 2005

I added a javascript file to the directory and placed a line of 
javascript code in each page in this site that has png transparency...I 
dont have a pc and IE 5-6 so cant check myself. Although, I did take a 
cd of the site to the guy I did it for and he has IE 5 on an old 
pc...and, it didnt look like it was working.

Check this page please: http://www.davidrossdesign.us/oscars/about.htm

The background of the wrapper has a drop shadow along the sides 
overlapping the body background image.
The shadow should just look normal like a drop shadow over the diagonal 
lines. If its not working an ugly light blue/gray line about 10-15px 
wide on each side will show.

If it's not working does anyone know why? I dont know much about javascript.

Here is the site I got the code from: 


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