[thelist] Per socket bandwidth throttling

Ken Schaefer Ken at adOpenStatic.com
Thu Feb 3 05:58:55 CST 2005

If you have a large enough budget, I believe that you can get switches from
any of the major vendors (Nortel Alteons et al) that will be able to do this
(well, not sure about googlebot user agent string, but you could set
something up on a IP address/range that googlebot requests come from). ISA
Server may be able to do this as well (I will need to check).


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: On a Windows 2003 server, does anybody know of a way to throttle how much
: bandwidth can be allocated to a single socket connection?  I'm not
: necessarily talking about JUST IIS requests, but potentially any web
: on the machine.  And, by "single socket" I'm referring to a single client
: connected to the machine.  For example, I may want to limit the bandwidth
: 10kbps for each client who connects to my box via port 80, except perhaps
: googlebot, who is allowed only 5kbps.
: Is there an appliance that can stand in-front of my box or a NIC software
: driver that can do this?  Would anybody be interested in writing such a
: driver if it doesn't exist?

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