[thelist] Dropping sessions seemingly randomly

Ken Schaefer Ken at adOpenStatic.com
Thu Feb 3 06:12:37 CST 2005

This would be my starting point if you've eliminated anything obvious:

Use a network sniffer like Ethereal (www.ethereal.com) and trace the packets
coming into, and leaving the client.

Are the session cookies coming in? Are the session cookies being returned by
the client to the server?

If no to either of those, then it seems you have the answer.

If yes to both of those, then when the cookie is being returned the server,
it's not being read properly, or the server thinks that the data is invalid
or belongs to an expired session.

If you do not feel up to analysing this yourself, feel free to grab a capture
and post a link where we can download it. I'm off to bed now, so I won't be
able to look at it until tomorrow.


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: Subject: [thelist] Dropping sessions seemingly randomly
: We have written a web app for a client and they are reporting problems
: with being logged out a lot.
: Can't replicate the problem from here, so one of the guys is down at
: their offices now.
: Seems the problem isn't limited to our app (which is nice to know) and
: they are getting logged out of all sorts of things on a seemingly random
: basis.
: Sessions are based on cookies and I can't think of any reasons why these
: would be lost. They use IE and setting security to low doesn't fix the
: problem.
: Their network seems to be setup slightly strangely, and is certainly
: locked down hard. They are reporting the system being quite slow too,
: which seems to be their connection (it's a shared connection for the
: whole building, but a very fast connection) but there are no pings or
: tracerts allowed so not sure where to start debugging that one either.
: Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated!

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