[thelist] What is the story with DMOZ?

Jon Haworth lists at laughing-buddha.net
Thu Feb 3 08:53:35 CST 2005

Hi Don,

> Any thoughts to why it's about impossible to? Everything I submit 
> gets rejected. Has anyone had sites entered into DMOZ recently?

I submitted our company's site when we started in October 2003 and noticed
it had appeared some time in mid-2004 - we've now made it into the Google
directory as well, but that took even longer. This sounds like it's pretty
much par for the course from what I've heard.

It seems you may have a better chance of success if you aim for a very
specific category (presumably the editors are less swamped with spam at the
lower levels). FWIW we're in the "Computers and Internet" section of the
"Business and Economy" section of a not-very-large bit of London, and there
are nine other sites in there with us.

There's a forum where you can ask for a status report on your submission (no
guarantees it will be answered, but hey):

Of course, the ultimate solution is to become an editor yourself :-)


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