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Steve Bissonnette steve at plankdesign.com
Thu Feb 3 10:04:33 CST 2005

(note: this is a repost of a message I sent the EVOLT list a couple months
back because we need another person !)

Hi everyone,

Plank is looking to hire again!

We are looking for someone who is a Junior to Intermediate internet / web
focused programmer. We¹re most concerned that they are passionate about
PHP/MYSQL programming. If they are also proficient with html/css/xml, all
the better. We are not too concerned if they have good design skills but if
they are a creative person, who is a strong problem solver and willing to
learn, then we¹ll be happy. And, most importantly, since they will be a part
of our small, but growing team...they need to be able to play nice with
others. Please note that this is an on-site position.

If you know anyone, they should get to know us: http://www.plankdesign.com

And then email: info at plankdesign.com if they are interested
or contact me off-list.

steve bissonnette
steve at plankdesign.com

PLANK. A multi-faceted-media company.
v. 514.875.0003   f. 514.875.7611

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