[thelist] Weird dom behaviour

George E. Papadakis georgep at phaistosnetworks.gr
Thu Feb 3 10:15:01 CST 2005


No luck. That makes the whole case a "Weird" one as subjected.

Thanks though.

-- gp

Chris Heilmann wrote:
>>Hi all,
>>I am trying to change the src attribute of an image when clicking (or
>>mouseovering) another one.
>>Say I have <p onclick="Do();">blah</p>
>>And then
>>function Do()
>>	someElement.setAttribute("src","test.gif");
>>IE works as expected.
>>Firefox does the image source switching, yet it "leaves" the page loading.
>>I keep getting a "waiting for myServer" msg on my browser.
> Never encountered that, have you tried without the setAttribute?
> someelement.src='test.gif';

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