[thelist] Dreamweaver's Site Reports are in XML format

Tony Grimes info at scribenewmedia.com
Thu Feb 3 11:59:37 CST 2005

> I ran Dreamweaver MX 2004's Site Report to check the Accessibility of a
> site we are building.  The results are saved out as an XML file.  I
> need to provide the client with the results file, but I am not sure
> what I can do with an XML file to make it readable for the client.
> I can open it in a text reader but it is just a lot of XML code that
> the client will not be able to decipher.  Does anybody have and idea of
> a way that I can create something useful out of this XML file?

I've used InDesign in the past. It supports XML as of version 2.0 (with an
extra module installed from the CD) and it implements it fairly well. You
essentially just import the XML file and drag and drop content into a
template document. Once everything is set up, you can import an updated XML
file and the template just refreshes (if the structure is the same). It
might not be worth it if you don't already have the program though.

I heard that the newest version of Word has XML support, but I'm sure MS
screwed it up somehow.


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