[thelist] Double-clicking submit button causes FireFox for Mac to hang but only for PHP pages?

Greg Gómez greg at ultraspace.com
Thu Feb 3 16:56:23 CST 2005

Hello, everybody:

I'm a sometime lurker, first time poster.

Just to amplify the subject a bit:
I've got a PHP application set up and during testing, one of my testers
double-clicked the submit button of a form, just to see what happens. This
was on a Mac (OS X.3), FireFox 1.0.

FF hung, and never loaded the next page. The data submitted was written to the
database, though.

Now, when we point FF to any PHP page on the site, FF it hangs. HTML pages
load ok.

We've been unable to reproduce it on Windows machines.

There's no script that enforces only a single click, but there is some
onSubmit stuff going on (DreamWeaver validation stuff).

I know this is really exotic error, but I'm wondering if anybody has seen this
behavior before, and perhaps knows something about it.



Greg Gómez
greg at ultraspace.com

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