[thelist] Per socket bandwidth throttling

Ken Schaefer Ken at adOpenStatic.com
Thu Feb 3 21:47:06 CST 2005

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: > If you have a large enough budget, I believe that you can get
: > switches from
: > any of the major vendors (Nortel Alteons et al) that will be
: > able to do this
: > (well, not sure about googlebot user agent string, but you could set
: > something up on a IP address/range that googlebot requests
: > come from). ISA
: > Server may be able to do this as well (I will need to check).
: I somehow knew you'd respond.  :-)  I appreciate your response.  For the
: googlebot, I was expecting to need to filter by it's IP Address and not
: actually sniff the packet.  I'm going to check that lead out.
: One question, though: what's the correct terminology for what I'm trying to
: accomplish?
: Thanks for checking out the ISA Server too, as I'm not real familiar with
: it.

Hi again,

ISA Server 2004 doesn't implement this

I checked the Nortel Alteon 180e, and this appears to do this. You can
configure a minimum guaranteed bandwidth, soft limit, and hard limit. You can
then configure these limits by source or destination IP address, physical
port, VLAN or server that's being connected to, or even the application that
the traffic is going to. The switch appears to be layer 4-7 aware, so it's
capable of determining the type of traffic it's looking at (eg HTTP), and
even extracting some key information from the packets (eg user-agent strings
and so on). You can even control things based on cookies, URLs, or sets of

Of course, these types of things are expensive. I now we (my company, rather
than me personally) used a few of these boxes (along with SSL accelerators
etc) on a recent e-commerce infrastructure project we completed. The overall
app supports 800 transactions/sec at peak load, so the network gear was all
enterprise level stuff (the 180e can handle up to 512,000 concurrent HTTP
connections). You might want to speak to a reseller to get the full picture
and make sure it meets your needs (and whether they have any lower specced
(and hence cheaper) boxes that might do want you need.


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