[thelist] HTML tables and Content Management Systems

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Hi Andy,

Have you seen XStandard? http://xstandard.com

Also, check out this article - it has some sound files that demonstrate the correct and incorrect use of data tables.


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> It's not uncommon for website editors to want to create a page 
> containing some kind of data table. These tables are often output from 
> word, or if you're lucky from Dreamweaver and then pasted into the CMS. 
> However the markup is usually pretty rotten and there is little or no 
> control over style.
> A few CMS's use a wysiwyg system, often handled by applets or 
> JavaScript. While this makes table creation in the CMS easier, it does 
> little for design consistency or ease of use. Alternatively people can 
> use markup systems like textile. However this is simply switching one 
> markup system for another so is also not ideal.
> The best solution to me seems to give editors the ability to create 
> table "object". You'd specify the number of rows, cols and headings and 
> it would create a new table or text file that you could populate with 
> data. You could even do this automatically via a CSV output. Then you'd 
> give the editors some mechanism of inserting these objects into the 
> page, possibly via some kind of custom tag.
> The requirement for editors to insert tables into their pages seems 
> like a pretty common one so I wonder how other people have dealt with 
> this and if anybody has managed to come up with an elegant solution.
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