[thelist] suggested books?

Christian Heilmann lists at onlinetools.org
Fri Feb 4 15:50:14 CST 2005

>Web Standards Solutions: The Markup and Style Handbook (Pioneering
>Series) - Dan Cederholm
Total yes. It is a wonderful book with loads of examples how to apply 
styles and standard code, right from real projects and not just 
evangelising about  the matter.

>Defensive Design for the Web : How to improve error messages, help,
>forms, and other crisis points (Voices That Matter) - 37signals;
It is an OK book, but  nothing special. It shows how web sites apply 
usability issues bad and good, so to say a website showcase, rather than 
technical explanations. I really disliked its evangelising of very 
inaccessible scripts and forms as great solutions. 7/10 for usability 
information, 2/10 for technique and 1/10 for reusability of the book. 
Don't make me think is on  my desk, this one is in the drawer

Other books that I really cherish:
Jeffrey Zeldman: Designing with web standards 
Joe Clark: Building  accessible web sites 
Ani Phyo: Return on Design 

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