[thelist] suggested books?

Christian Heilmann lists at onlinetools.org
Fri Feb 4 16:00:23 CST 2005

Rob Smith wrote:

>"Yes, those are good choices" 
>Personally, I haven't bought a book in a really really long time. Most
>everything I need is on the big WWW with a little help from Google.
I ride the tube to work every morning for 40 minutes one way, and learnt 
a lot in that otherwise wasted time through ink on dead tree technology. 
Also, reading on a screen for too long tires your eyes so much  faster 
than passive in a book. Another thing is that books tend to have tested 
and proven solutions, well, good ones that is, whereas a lot of web 
publications are a lot faster and up  to  date, but  also very 
misleading or just plain wrong, when there was no editor involved. Many 
a time I was shocked to see what some publishers made from my original 
text after rewording it to fit the mood of the webzine :-)

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